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From Traffic Tickets to Minor Offenses, Law Offices of Cotter C. Conway Can Help

When you are facing a minor charge, it can be tempting to just accept the fine or penalty and move on. This, however, is not in your best interests and having proper legal representation can help you navigate the situation and possibly reduce or remove the charges. The Law Offices of Cotter C. Conway can help.

Our firm handles a wide variety of criminal charges. If you’ve been arrested or pulled over, do not hesitate to call our firm at (775) 254-7599. We offer representation in English and Spanish.

Work with a Traffic Ticket Attorney in Reno, NV

Attorney Cotter Conway can be your traffic ticket lawyer when you have been cited for speeding or other traffic offenses. Our firm can also assist you when you need an old charge removed from your record. You can depend on the Law Offices of Cotter C. Conway for help protecting your future from a variety of legal issues.

Leave your legal worries in the hands of an experienced attorney. Connect with Cotter Conway now to set up a meeting at our Reno, NV office.

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Get Comprehensive Legal Service in Any Situation

We have years of experienced representing those charged with a variety of criminal matters. When you call our firm for help, you can rest easier knowing you are getting the legal assistance you need from someone you can trust. 

Choose Attorney Cotter Conway to help you through your case. In addition to drug crimes, violent offenses, and DUI, our firm handles cases related to: 

  • Traffic tickets 
  • Expungement or sealing of records 
  • Minor in consumption/possession
  • Trespassing
  • Financial crimes
  • False IDs 
  • Gaming fraud 
  • Vandalism 

While some of the above offenses may seem like minor misdemeanors, they can stay on your criminal record for years to come, especially if you have been convicted for multiple offenses. A criminal record can prevent you from taking advantage of multiple opportunities in the future, including housing and educational opportunities, finding employment, obtaining loans, and other restrictions to your rights. 

You Attorney for Any Criminal Charge

After an arrest or criminal accusation, you do not have to go through the process alone. Rely on an attorney who can stand up for your rights. Reach out today to discuss the specifics of your situation.

Call the Law Offices of Cotter C. Conway at (775) 254-7599 or contact us online for help.

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    You want an attorney that is easy to talk to and is empathetic to the difficult situation that you're faced with. Cotter will do everything he can to help you feel comfortable throughout the process.

experienced in representing those with a variety of criminal charges