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Defend Yourself Against Drug Charges

There are many factors involved in a drug charge, from the type of drug to the amount of it. These charges vary from state to state and carry major penalties depending on the severity of the crime. If you're facing any drug-related charges, turn to Cotter C. Conway for help.

Attorney Conway can serve as your drug crime attorney. If you've been caught using, selling, making or trafficking illegal drugs, you could face major fines or imprisonment. Substances such as methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, and ecstasy all qualify as hard drugs. If you’re charged with any drug-related crime, including possession, Cotter can help. Call his office in Reno today.

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What to Do After Being Charged with A Drug Crime

No matter the type of drug crime, there are two things you should do after being charged. Be sure to:

  • Refuse to provide any statement or any admission
  • Demand your right to speak with a drug crime attorney. A drug possession attorney can educate you on the legal process and defend your name every step of the way. Reach out now to get started on preparing your defense.
  • Enthusiastic

    He thoroughly enjoys his work as an attorney fighting for the rights of the criminally charged. He treats every case as if it's his first, and his success is a clear indicator of his passion and energy.

  • Hands-On

    Cotter combines his knowledge, litigation skill, and creativity to build a strong case in your favor. No matter the charge, you can expect thorough and well-thought-out guidance.

  • Personable

    You want an attorney that is easy to talk to and is empathetic to the difficult situation that you're faced with. Cotter will do everything he can to help you feel comfortable throughout the process.

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